GD & PI Tips : Tips & Tricks for a Successful Group Discussion & Personal Interview

  1. Be the first and also the Last to Speak,
  2. Keep your cool and neither give one-word answers nor drone on in the GD and PI.
  3. Learn to accept failure. Read, watch, listen!
  4. Choose Magazines that are Rich in Content,Read newspapers and magazines on current issues,especially year-end issues that capture highlights of the year gone by. As well as read today/current News paper.
  5. Watch and listen to the news and current affair programmes on news channels. As bbc London, Times Now,ND Tv
  6. Think about a topic from five different prespectives -Social, Political, Economic, Legal And Technological, you would be able to generate a number of good points.
  7. Your body language says a lot about you. Maintaining an eye contact, smiling faces are always welcomed.
  8. Try to maintain a balanced tone in your discussion and analysis.
  9. Don't lose your cool if anyone says anything you object to. Brush up on your leadership skills;
  10. Motivate the other members of the team to speak, and listen to their views.
  11. Be receptive to others' opinions and do not be abrasive or aggressive.
  12. Be Aware of Topics that are Repeated Work on your Communication Skills Listen to the Topic Given During GD Carefully
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