Eligibility Criteria

One can join the Air Force either as an Officer or Airman


The officer cadre provides opportunities for men having 10+2

Age Limit


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The Indian Air Force (IAF), the youngest of the three defense services was commissioned on in 1932, with four single-propeller engine Wapiti aircrafts, six pilot officers, two airmen and 19 Hawai Sepoys. The first Indian Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee was one of the founding members of the Air Force take over on 1st April 1954. Today, the IAF is the fourth largest Air force in the world with its huge squadron strength and some of the most sophisticated fighter airplanes like Mirage 2000, MIG 29, MIG 27, Jaguar, MIG 25, MIG 23 and MIG 21. The transport wing has the huge IL 76 (Gajraj), AN 32 and other smaller aircrafts.

Career Opportunities

Armed Forces offer excellent career opportunities to the adventurous young candidates. It is a career that offers immense facilities, a privileged lifestyle and of course, honor in serving the country. The major activity of the air force is that of flying combat aircrafts and helicopters. Other activities include technical work such as aeronautical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering, as well as administrative, financial and planning duties.

Even since its inception, the Air Force entrance exam is pursued by a select few candidates who possess both the mental strength and physical stamina to undergo training at the military academies. Even then, the competition turns out to be quite high and only a handful of all rounder students are able to make it though.


One can join the Air Force either as an Officer or Airman. The officer cadre provides opportunities for men having 10+2 (Intermediate), graduate, engineering and postgraduate degrees, in their three different branches. Women who are graduates, engineers and post graduates can join as an Officer in the Air force. The officers will be posted either as a Pilot, or a Navigator, or a Technical or a Ground Duty officer in any one of the Air Force bases. Women have opportunities only in the Officer cadre of the Air force.

In the Airmen cadre, there are opportunities even for class tenth pass (Matriculate) and below candidates, 10+2 (Intermediate), Diploma, graduates, postgraduates etc in their technical and non-technical trade fields.

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